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Fast, efficient, and reliable, we are a reputable and well-known Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service company in Houston, Texas. Established in 2019, our team is family owned and operated, with each team member having at least 5 years of cleaning experience.

We prioritize speed, efficiency, and reliability. Our team takes extra care to tailor each project to meet unique needs, and we're committed to complete customer satisfaction through open communication channels throughout the entire process.

Discover the range of services and packages we offer by exploring our website.

Cleaning Ladies

At Green Cleaning Solutions, our mission is clear - to deliver superior quality services to our valued clients.

Our team members strive to cater to each project with personalized attention and care. With open communication and unparalleled service, we aim to exceed your expectations with our comprehensive Janitorial Service.

Let us show you what sets us apart - contact us today for more information or to discuss your cleaning needs.

What Makes Us Different

 At Green Cleaning Solutions we have experienced staff and the skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. We offer daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning services for office buildings, manufacturing facilities, financial institutions, retail, medical facilities, places of worship, and more!

    To provide a hassle free experience we provide all cleaning materials needed for the job. Any job. What makes us different from other cleaning companies is that no harsh chemicals are ever used by our team. All of our cleaners, from our glass cleaners to our mopping solutions are made from industrial grade, naturally derived, and biodegradable materials that are just as effective but harmless. By using non toxic solutions, our team is able to provide a safer, and more sustainable, clean working environment without harsh chemical fumes or residue. 

     To further our dedication of providing a clean and safe space for your staff and customers, all of our team members are now equipped with HEPA filtered vacuums that provide you with a cleaner air. 


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Commercial Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning Solutions is dedicated to providing high quality janitorial cleaning services to the Houston area. You can count that we will not only meet, but exceed all your needs and requests. Learn more about the services we provide below, and let us know if you’d like more information about a specific offering.

We Clean Green

At Green Cleaning Solutions you are guaranteed that we will only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and recycled plastic trash bags to help lower your carbon footprint. 


We Clean Smart

Our cleaning crew is able to deliver a higher standard of clean, capturing more dust, germs and dirt based on our unique cleaning techniques. Our cleaning materials, and HEPA filtered vacuums leave your work environment extra clean. 


Satisfaction Guarantee

Our cleaners have undergone the most rigorous training and are completely insured. All of our staff has at least 3 years of experience in the cleaning business and are held to the standard of clean Green Cleaning Solutions is known and recognized for. 


Office Cleaning

Be assured that our top priority is to leave you with a productive and professional environment that feels clean and safe. From floor to ceiling, our cleaning crew will deliver you a dust and germ free work space using our eco-friendly solutions, and HEPA filtered vacuums. 


Restroom Sanitation

Using our commercial grade cleaning agents, we are able to sanitize your public and private restrooms. Let us do the dirty job and clean one of the dirtiest rooms in your facilities. 



It is our mission to deliver a clean, healthy environment for our clients. We disinfect all multi-touch surfaces such as keyboards, doorknobs, light switches & remotes. 


Industrial Cleaning

At Green Cleaning Solutions, we strive to deliver top notch service no matter how big our small your facility is. Our high grade cleaning solutions deliver exceptional results ever time with extreme effectiveness. 


Cost Efficient

After experiencing our fully experienced and trained staff you'll regret not hiring us sooner. We offer friendly and fast customer service that is always reliable and always cost efficient.

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Choice of Contract

At Green Cleaning Solutions, we offer you the convenience of securing our services at a set price with a contract.

And we give you the flexibility of not having a contract. Need a unique arrangement? We are here to work with you.



Residential Services

Having a clean home is crucial but sometimes impossible with our busy schedules. Our residential cleaning team at Green Cleaning Solutions is always there so you don't have to. All the cleaners we use are naturally derived and/or biodegradable. Meant to be effective, but safe for your family, pets, and our environment. 


      We adjust to your schedule and we're always available when you need us. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or one time cleanings are available. Plus you can count on our 24 hour 100% satisfaction guarantee! Give us a call within 24 hrs. and we'll make it better. 

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Basic Clean

Our standard clean offers a complete service for your home. Including regular dusting, wiping, moping, sweeping and vacuuming. As well as cleaning and disinfecting your kitchen and restrooms. 

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Deep Cleaning

Ideal for homes who have gone weeks or months without cleaning. This service may be added based on the condition of the home. With a deep cleaning our team will clean your ceiling fans, vents, and will detail baseboards, and front of cabinets. As well as vacuum your couches!


Move In/Out

Moving is stressful enough, why make it more complicated? Let us take care of the mess. Our cleaning team will clean your home from top to bottom. This service is extremely thorough and meant to prepare a home for a new tenant.

These extras can be added to your cleaning at any time for an extra charge:

  • Fridge Cleaning

  • Oven Cleaning 

  • Window Cleaning

  • Blind Cleaning

"My cleaning crew is professional and with great attention to detail I highly recommend to anyone that needs cleaning"

Devin, Houston Tx

Let's Get Started

Since our foundation, our aim has been to provide you with expert service, honest estimates, and helpful consultations. From professional guidance to long-lasting work, our kind and knowledgeable staff is here to help you every step of the way, because we know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

At Green Cleaning Solutions, LLC, we make sure your needs come first and offer a variety of top-quality services and plans. Our main goal is to take care of everything from the very beginning, bringing you exceptional results.

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